Where do I get a keg of beer?

Kegs can be purchased from any Brewery or Retail Liqour outlet, It can be brewed and kegged at The Occasional Brewer or home brewed. Go to our BEER page for info on our affiliated local suppliers.

How do I cool the keg?

Rolling Royce needs to be plugged into a standard 240v power outlet.
Bin Drinking takes 3-4 bags of Ice to cool the keg. These are applied after the keg is loaded.

Can I pour more than one keg of beer from the same bar

The Rolling Royce bar can have 3 taps pouring your favorite beers/cider at the same time.
The Bin Drinking bar has a 1 tap option (up to 50L keg) or 2 tap (20L kegs).

Is it easy to get a good pour from my kegs.

The key to a great pour is keeping your keg cold. (1-3 deg)
Make sure all kegs are cold before pouring we cannot stress this enough.
Rolls Royce-Just plug this bar in and check you have power (turn a bar light on) if no power reset RCD at plug. This bar will keep your beer cooled for as long as you need but will need time to cool the keg BEFORE pouring if not cold already (24hours from room temp)
Bin Drinking- This bar is ice cooled, just pour ice in blue bucket around keg/kegs. If the keg is warm to start with then bring plenty of ice.

Do you deliver outside of Wellington

Its not normal practice, but with enough warning it can be done.

Do you supply the CO2, and what happens if it runs out

All bars will have enough CO2 for a 50L keg and carry extra if more kegs are required.

My company would like to hire, can you include their logo

Yes thats no problem, just give us enough notice for the design to be printed. Costs to be discussed at time of ordering.

Do I have to pay a bond

Yes a bond of 100% of the total price of the proposed hire is needed prior to the hire commencing.
At conclusion of hire, any fees in addition to original bond is payable by invoice.

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