We can supply a range of additional goodies on request


Sometimes when you’re drinking delicious cold beers time can get away on you, after a while it might get dark. When this happens its great to have a light, so all our bars come with a lighting system either battery or AC powered.


For $80 minimum (location dependent) we will deliver, set up the Bar(s) at your venue and show you how things Roll (pour). Inquire here to discuss delivery rates and options.

Custom Tap Handles ($10-80)

If you’ve got a special event planned then you want some personal touches. Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday house warming etc. With 2 weeks lead time we can have a tap handle printed to commemorate the event for you. You can keep this tap handle at the end of the hire! We also have various tap handles you might like to choose from for a one off hire.
Golf ball, wrench, antler etc.

Glasses ($10/doz hire)

An important partner to pouring beer is a glass. We can provide 400ml glasses for $10/doz. They look great full and are fun to empty. These fit our stubby cooler/hand warmer. (losses and breakages charged at $5/glass)

Stubby Cooler/Hand Warmer ($10) OUT OF STOCK, MORE SOON..

Fancy something a little ironic and functional? Well how about a Rolling Keg Stubby Cooler. Not only will it fit our hire glasses, it will fit a stubby or can if you end up in the real world again..

Keg Hire ($20/week)

For kegging your Homebrew or Occasional Brewer® beer you can hire 19litre Corny kegs to condition and pour your beer from.

Flagons ($15-$25)

Imagine it, too much beer! Suppose at the end of the hire you still have some beer left in the keg(s). You can buy from Rolling Keg some glass flagons, we can drop them off and fill them with whats left to drink at your leisure when we pickup the bar.

Bin Cover ($20)

Most Brides and Grooms don’t want to be upstaged by a rubbish bin, so for our Bin bars we offer a veil to mask the fact it’s a bin. This is a black tablecloth like device that hangs neatly over the bin and enables the bar to look… a bit more like a bridesmaid.

Beer Quantity Consultant (Free)

Its important to not run out of beer, wine comes and goes but when a party runs out of beer things can get a bit edgy. Give us a bell if you want some guidance as to how many kegs you might need for your event

T-Shirts & Caps (poa)

If you want to look way awesome and always be asked where you got that awesome hat or shirt, you should get some of these. Sizes available to suit all lovers of Rolling Keg!

Bartender ($50/hour minimum 3 hours)

For those who want to share the load of pouring beers, we can supply a Bartender to run the ship. Our Bartenders can serve beers and round up the odd glass, tell tall stories from behind the bar and keep the kids away from the taps. Please discuss any specific requirements you might have beyond beer related barwork.

Sound System - Bluetooth ($20)

To really crank the party up you can hire a bluetooth sound system to attach to the bar. These can be attached to a hook outside or sit on the bar.
*Bluetooth connection to a device with music output required.

Promotional Branding (poa)

For the ultimate promotion of your event/brewery/company, branding can be applied to either of our bars. This can be Backlit on the Rolling Royce, or stickers on the Bin Drinking.
If you have other ideas for how to promote yourselves, please give us a bell. This option requires a week or so lead in time.

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