Bin Drinking - 1 or 2 tap bars
$190 / Night (12pm-12pm) 1 Tap
$200 / Night (12pm-12pm) 2 Tap
$130 / Night for 2nd bar
$100 / Extra Nights
$80 min Delivery/Setup (price varies, talk to us for details)
Pour Cold Beer Anywhere

Go Off Grid with this little beauty that redefines the term Mobile Beer Bar.

Ideal for weekends at the beach, house parties, staff/team events in indoor or outdoor locations or pretty much any other reason you can come up with.  It not only looks great and brings an immediate purpose to your beer drinking experience. It also saves the world dealing with empty bottles and cans, Each 50L keg holds the equivalent beer of 150 glass stubbies or aluminum cans. Drinking a keg means that all that packaging won’t end up in landfill have to be recycled, broken on the road etc! And you don’t have to pick them up the next day.

Where you Bin?…

1 or 2 taps

Eco Friendly

Ice Cooled

Indoor or Outdoor

1 x 50L, 30L or 2 x 20L Kegs

Battery Lighting system

Pour your own or hire a Barman

Customization Extras available

Optional use to provide Soda water on Tap

Delivery available
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