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Bin Drinking

The lightweight bar for baches, beaches or backyard drinking

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Rolling Royce

The sophisticated and classy addition to any function

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Why roll with us?

Here are a few compelling reasons..

Home Brew

Condition & pour your home brew or Occasional Brewer beer from the tap.

No more bottling required!

Delicious Beer

There is nothing like the look, feel & smell of a cold beer being poured from a tap. The head slowly forming on top, the tilted glass gently righting as the level reaches the rim. All this before you even taste it…!  its okay if you are already salivating.


Make your event stand out with one or more of our Mobile bars, customized to suit your special occasion.


Make the bar tell a story with custom options to suit your event.


Every event no matter what size is better with a Keg.


Our bars are easy to mobilise and operate. They also eliminate cleanup of cans and bottles.

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